Monday, January 16, 2012

Remember a Dream...

When I picked my children up from school on Friday,
they were all a buzz about the discussions they had in class
about Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Mom, black people couldn't even go into restaurants
 with white people, that is so weird!"

"Mom, black people couldn't even go into the same bathroom
as white people, can you believe it?"

"Mom, black kids couldn't go to the same school as white kids, that is so crazy!"

Then my little six year old Smith, started to relay the story he learned in class about Ruby Bridges.

"Mom, there was this little girl named Ruby
 and she gotted to go to the white people school.
 But guess what? 
Police had to walk with her 
and people were yelling mean stuff to her
 and calling her bad words
 and throwing lotta stuff at her.
 And Mom, guess what? 
A lady spit on her.
 And that is so gross and rude."

As I listened to my sweet baby telling me this story 
my eyes welled up and my heart stung.

I could see this tiny little girl
surrounded by federal marshals
walking through a human tunnel of hatred
into a school where she wasn't truly welcomed
into a classroom filled with empty desks
because by law she could be there now
but no one else wanted to be there now.
But she was brave.

My heart stung again 
as I envisioned my little ones 
taking this same walk.
People having so much hate in their hearts for my own children.

Children that they loathed...
because of their skin color. 
Children that they wouldn't allow their own to play with...
because of their skin color.
Children that they didn't know were 
"kind and smart and important..."
because of their skin color.
But my children would be brave.

Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream.
Teach your children 
about his dream, 
embrace his dream,
remember his dream... 


  1. Love this Courtie! Love your kiddos! Love you! It hurts my heart SOOOOOO much to watch things like Roots, and the Help and hear the story about sweet little Ruby ... I don't get it. :(

  2. oh honey.
    i know EXACTLY how you feel.
    I can't even say the names of Martin Luther King Jr and Ruby Bridges to my girls
    without welling up with tears. SOOO grateful for those brave people.
    My middle girl did a report on Ruby Bridges this year and explaining
    things to
    Love this post.