Monday, January 9, 2012

I Made it Monday...

I'm working on some
 Valentines day things
to put in my etsy shop,
but alas 
they are not finished.
 I didn't want another Monday to go by
without an "I Made it Monday"
so I'm posting some pictures 
of a few of the "birdcage dolls"
that I've made...

The Queen Bee

The Circus Princess

The lady at the antique store
(where I bought the dolls) 
told me that they were from the 50's and 60's.
She said the brunette one was a Revlon doll.
I have no idea the significance of that
as I am in no way shape or form a "collector."
This would probably explain my reasoning
 for sawing them in half..
Which in the doll world is most certainly a form of blasphemy.

So my apologies to all the 
(i googled that)
for dichotomizing 
(googled that one too)
the dolls.

I think they quite enjoy being cage girls,
makes them feel more fancy...


  1. do you want to just post these over and over everyday so i can look at them? my heck courtie... talk about eye candy. they are TA DA!!

  2. These are so cute Courtie! I LOVE their dresses!!!

  3. I know that I'm dating myself, but I remember these dolls. Have to say you have created something wonderful with them. I love cage dolls! Can I pin them? From your 'old', beehive cousin.

  4. i love these two little girlies! one day, maybe-probabley not, i will have a little pink room with a little girl to sleep in it. when that day comes, one of those cage girls will be mine! do darling courtie.

  5. um, i think that was suppost to say SO darling, not DO darling:) sigh.

  6. Fancy indeed! Those are darling

  7. Sometimes you want to know where things go to live after you make them and sell them. The Queen Bee is in my house in Alpine. She sits in the entry way and I sometimes put things in the cage and decorate around her for holidays. I love her. I have been snooping on the Beehive Bazaar page to see who the artist is that created her because I love her. I also want more of your stuff. I hope you are participating in the Beehive Bazaar today. Because I want more of your things.

    1. Oh I'm soooo happy you have her! I love knowing where "my babies" go to live, thank you! I'm not doing the second weekend of Beehive. I had to get back to my everyday life and stop crafting! If you are on instagram, I'm going to have a little sale this weekend.