Monday, October 31, 2011

I Made it Monday...

I made Blythe this little brooch 
 for her goth rag doll

I cut the stick part off
of a skeleton cupcake pick,
made a little crepe paper rosette,
added some ribbon,
hot glued it all together,
and in less than 20 minutes
c'est fini...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Seriously...2 Dollars???

Yesterday as we were driving from
 Christians Football game to 
Smiths football game,
I noticed a big 
"estate sale today"
 sign on the side of the road.
I bit my tongue for about 20 seconds
then told Dre 
"we HAVE to turn around!"
Since we had 30 min.
before Smiths game started,
I felt OK about the detour.
Dre pulled me right up to the front of the house
 and I dashed in.. 

When I saw this spaghetti poodle
on a table in the driveway
and asked how much 
her response was 
"a quarter"
I got giddy...
(especially when I saw it's twin sister at an antique store for $16 a week ago)

So now
 I was really excited about
 what I'd find inside.
I walked into the house and...

 it was almost  completely empty :(

There were cardboard boxes 
scattered around the living room floor
and two of those 
jazzy wheelchair things in the corner.
this did not look promising.
I decided to do 
a little digging through those boxes
 take a gander
 at all the vintage awesomness I found...

and the piece de resistance...

this awesome vintage blow mold cookie jar!!!

After I was sure I had done a thorough digging, 
I walked outside with all this loot in my arms.
There was no real check out,
so I looked for someone 
who seemed like they knew what was going on.
Because nothing was priced,
I set everything down 
so the lady in charge could look through it all.
When I heard her say
"Umm...2 dollars?"
I was sure I had heard wrong.

Me: "for all of this, are you sure?"
Her: "yep!"


I had 4 dollar bills in my wallet
so I handed them all to her,
Me: "here, it's worth at least this."
Her: "oh no, take this back" (handing me the 2 extra dollars)  
but I insisted.
(oh how generous of me, like it was $100 or something!) 
I totally felt like I was ripping her off!

Since the house was almost empty,
I'm guessing they had probably been there awhile,
 were completely over it,
 and were ready to junk it all.
So I helped them get rid of it right?
(I'm still trying to justify said rip-off)
 I walked off
 (felt like skipping)
 with my vintage stash
for 4 DOLLARS!!!

Detours aren't always a bad thing...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Firsts and Lasts...

Today was Smith's 
football game of the season.
 it was their 
first win
Smith scored his
first touchdown.

Some things are worth the wait...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ya Ya Sisterhood...

My sister Leslie
 works at the most amazing store called
Thanksgiving Point
I shouldn't really refer to it as a store...
as it is more of a destination.
Each year they have a little soiree...

"An evening of merriment for mothers and daughters, sisters and friends.
Come for food, fun, and fallderah and fiddle-dee-dee.
Dress in your finery and feathers
and join us for this magical evening "

Leslie convinced me that
 it was a good idea
 to be a vendor at said evening...
I had no idea what to expect as it is not
so much a "craft show"
as it is a par-tay.
It turned out to be a fun night because
my sisters, nieces, and friends
were there.
As far as being a vendor,
not so much...

my pictures didn't turn out so great because
there was a wall of windows behind my table :(

it wasn't a total waste because...
I LOVE making Halloween stuff!
Black and Orange are so awesome,
especially together.
I sold even more stuff 
the show was over, 
than I did during it!
I have hip friends 
who support 
"the arts"
(tee hee)

Love ya girls....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Senior Night...

Dre had his 
home game 
last night.
They made it into the playoffs 
so they'll play again next week,
but not on their field.
So this was the 
last time 
for all the Seniors to play at 
The Cave.

We LOVE coach Beam

Football is over...
what on earth 
are we going to do with ourselves
 on Friday nights?

Monday, October 17, 2011

I Made it Monday...

I made 
some little bracelets
some little witches...

trick or treat
All things Halloween...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Love Hate Relationship...

I have been 
not so fond 
of the thrift stores lately.
The prices they put on some things
are ridiculous!
it's usually not until 
I get home that I think
"That should have been $1 not $10!"
Sometimes I just get 
so caught up in the 
thrill of the hunt frenzy
that I don't use my thinking cap.
today my relationship was a "love" one.

I found this little gem in the
 "coveted collectables"
 locked glass cabinets...

I will gladly pay $5 for this!
It is a candle 
that has (thankfully) never been lit. 
You can't really tell in the picture but 
it is BIG...
just under a foot tall!!!
I saw it from a distance and tried not to act too excited 
 (as there was a grumpy old man
who looked like an antiques dealer 
standing right in front of the case eyeing it)

I knew I had found something great
when said grumpy old antiques dealer man 
kept showing up 
creepily behind me 
throughout the store.
(I'm pretty sure he was trying to subliminally will me to set it down)

My faith in the thrift store was restored...
for today at least :)

Oh, and by the way...
Dear thrift store,
having chipped dishes, raggy haired porcelain dolls and scratched dvd's 
locked up behind glass
as if they're precious heirlooms
 is a little over the top.
I'm just sayin'...

Monday, October 10, 2011

I Made it Monday...

I told my sister 
that I would be a vendor in a show 
that is in a little over a week...
I have NO Halloween wares to speak of,
oh boy...

It took me like 2 hours to make this...


and about an hour to make this...

I feel safe in saying that...
 I will not be sleeping 
for the next week...