Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Easter...

Looking spiffy in their new Easter duds...
Christian was having a rough picture day...
The little baskets all ready for the Easter bunny to fill

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Peace and love...

It was "hippie day" at school.
Guess we are lucky
that the 70's
are kinda back in style...

We only raided the costume box for Christians groovy T
and rasta wig.
Is that a good or a bad thing?

Monday, March 22, 2010

I Made it Mondays...

I've had this darling doggie fabric
for quite awhile,
 but have been leery to use it 
they don't make it anymore.
Do you do that?
Buy something but then cant bring yourself to use it
because then you wont have it...
That thinking is the frosting 
on top of my crazy cake...
But really...
how stinkin' cute is this?

I guess
was in a contract dispute
and had to discontinue
her line.
I'm hoping it works itself out 
because her stuff is dreamy!

I broke down and used it...
I  made the girls easter frocks
but had to supplement their skirts 
with other fabrics
because I was lucky to get the
 yard and a half
of doggie fabric that I did.

I made Blythe this little corsage pin...

and Sibley a little bow tie...

Love how it all turned out...
(but I sure wish I had more fabric...see...I knew I should've saved it)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Looks like a New Moon....

I have unknowingly passed on my
small love affair with the
 Twilight Saga 
to my little girls.
 New Moon was coming out on DVD,
so our local super store was
having a "release" party.
My girls saw the signs promoting the event
to go. 
I obliged...

Torn between two lovers...
Being the awesome husband that he is...
Will bought me the Edward barbie
 for Valentines day... 
I had set the shiny vampire doll on my bedside table 
and kind of forgot it was there.
One night when we were getting into bed
 Will looked over and said
"I would appreciate it if you would tell your boyfriend to stop staring at me!"