Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tim Tebow...

"When Tim Tebow wore 
John 3:16 
on his eye black during the 2009 Championship game,
 over 92 million people 
looked that verse up on Google.
 That means 
over 92 million people 
heard the Gospel just because one man took a stand."

Love this boy...


He wears the "Snowden number"


a professional athlete
that is actually
of role model status...

Monday, November 28, 2011

I Made it Monday...

I just finished these little wreaths
for the show I'm in next week...

and a red one too...

I was thinking of 
maybe making some of the
 little corsage-ie thingies  
to wear.
Would you pin one on your holiday frock?
Or is it
perhaps a bit much...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Twi-hards in Full Effect...

So as I've mentioned
 just a few times before, 
I have a certain fondness for 
the Twilight series.

To say that these girls
(my nieces)

only have a certain fondness 
would be a horrific understatement!

They all packed up, 
left husbands and babies behind,
and headed to LA to be involved 
(in whatever way they could)
with the festivities surrounding the 
Breaking Dawn

With no real idea of what was going to happen,
really really really
lucked out!

They got these...

which let them get access to stay here...

and live amongst these
"even crazier fans than us"
for the weekend...

and meet these guys...

and these gals...

and then got to be here...

and see them...

and them...

and THEM...

ultimately get this...

A ticket to see the premiere,
 the Nokia theatre
How awesome is that???

I can't begin to cover
 the whole crazy story of their trip 
or post their plethora of pictures.
But I'll tell ya...
It's a fun read!
Their blogs are herehere, and, here.

Good Twilightie times...

Friday, November 25, 2011

Start Spreadin" The News...

I just got back from 
my annual girls trip to NYC.
We're sooo lucky
 to have a friend who works for Jet Blue...
(love ya Jen)

We took the red eye,
so we arrived in NYC at 
the crack of dawn.
Unfortunately for us,
the crack of dawn
 is far too early to check into ones hotel.
After pleading with the front desk, 
and seriously contemplating 
laying down and drooling on the lobby sofas,
they told us
we couldn't even think about
 getting into our room for at least 3 hours...
we just dropped off our bags with the bellman
 and headed over to Rockefeller Center
(looking bright eyed and bushy tailed fo sho!)
to check out the Today Show.
(as the Today Show does happen at the crack of dawn)

The Rockettes were giving a sneak peak
of their "Christmas Spectacular"

We went later than usual 
so we got to see the beginning touches
 of  Christmas...

Hoisting the star to the top of the tree at Rockefeller Center...

Yes that IS a tree underneath all that crazy scaffolding,
amazingly gigantic...  

Were amazed at all the Department store Christmas windows.
Macy's totally took the cake...

Went to the Empire State building...

Saw Harry Potter
uh... I mean
Daniel Radcliffe 
How to Succeed in Business
Without Really Trying
He was even more magical without his wand...

We walked over the Brooklyn Bridge 
to eat pizza at Grimaldi's 

saw the Rockettes do this...


and took a stroll through central park...

Farewell New York

Our little town blues
were melted away...