Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kitsch love...

The fine line between
kitschy and tacky
has become blurred for me...
Im not sure if the line exists anymore.
If it does,
I think I've crossed it.
I'm in love with all things kitsch...

sooo cute 
I want to bite it's head off :)

My mother referred to this kind of stuff as
"the tacky little things
 that her little old lady aunts
 used to have in their houses"

If loving this "tacky" stuff is wrong,
I just don't want to be right...


  1. ha I've been saying the same thing lately! I guess we just like what we like & leave it at that

  2. p.s where did the picture of the deer come from? they are just like the ones I had in my pom pom wreaths & I was sooooo sad to sell them. wanting to find more