Saturday, November 12, 2011

An Eclipse is Near...

About 5 years ago,
(in 1996? Wow that seems forever ago)
my sister Spring told me that
 I should HAD
 to start reading a little book called

She said the second book in the series,
New Moon

 had just come out 
"I needed to get a readin'!"
About a month later
Spring asked me again if I had read them
(which I hadn't)
She told me I was 
"totally missin' out"
and made me promise
 that I would go buy them immediately.
So I did... 
I can readily admit that
I was instantly hooked!
There is no shame in my game :)

When the movie came out a few years later,
It only fed my tiny obsession.
(a little pathetic, I'm fully aware!)

The next Halloween 
I made these costumes 
for my little girls...

a tich crazy...huh?

So with the 4th movie
just on the horizon,
I'm a little giddy 
to say the least.

Whose team are you on... 

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