Saturday, November 26, 2011

Twi-hards in Full Effect...

So as I've mentioned
 just a few times before, 
I have a certain fondness for 
the Twilight series.

To say that these girls
(my nieces)

only have a certain fondness 
would be a horrific understatement!

They all packed up, 
left husbands and babies behind,
and headed to LA to be involved 
(in whatever way they could)
with the festivities surrounding the 
Breaking Dawn

With no real idea of what was going to happen,
really really really
lucked out!

They got these...

which let them get access to stay here...

and live amongst these
"even crazier fans than us"
for the weekend...

and meet these guys...

and these gals...

and then got to be here...

and see them...

and them...

and THEM...

ultimately get this...

A ticket to see the premiere,
 the Nokia theatre
How awesome is that???

I can't begin to cover
 the whole crazy story of their trip 
or post their plethora of pictures.
But I'll tell ya...
It's a fun read!
Their blogs are herehere, and, here.

Good Twilightie times...

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