Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our Little Thespian....

Sibley has been a performer
since day one.
When she was born 
the nurses
who worked in the hospital nursery
 kept coming into my room 
telling me how much they loved Sibley.
They said they were all having so much fun with her
 because she was so  pretty,
had sooo much hair
(they kept switching her teenie bows)
and was just such a happy newborn.
I suppose her acting career 
started right there in the hospital...
She hasn't stopped since.
This past Christmas
Grandma and Grandpa Snowden
gave Sibley an "acting class"
for Christmas.
She was thrilled beyond thrilled!

She was HILARIOUS in the
end of the year performance.
We're happy the
in her personality
is being used for good 
instead of evil...

Friday, May 14, 2010

State Track Meet...

Dredan qualified for state this year
He's only a sophomore...

We're so proud...