Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ya Ya Sisterhood...

My sister Leslie
 works at the most amazing store called
Thanksgiving Point
I shouldn't really refer to it as a store...
as it is more of a destination.
Each year they have a little soiree...

"An evening of merriment for mothers and daughters, sisters and friends.
Come for food, fun, and fallderah and fiddle-dee-dee.
Dress in your finery and feathers
and join us for this magical evening "

Leslie convinced me that
 it was a good idea
 to be a vendor at said evening...
I had no idea what to expect as it is not
so much a "craft show"
as it is a par-tay.
It turned out to be a fun night because
my sisters, nieces, and friends
were there.
As far as being a vendor,
not so much...

my pictures didn't turn out so great because
there was a wall of windows behind my table :(

it wasn't a total waste because...
I LOVE making Halloween stuff!
Black and Orange are so awesome,
especially together.
I sold even more stuff 
the show was over, 
than I did during it!
I have hip friends 
who support 
"the arts"
(tee hee)

Love ya girls....

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