Sunday, October 30, 2011

Seriously...2 Dollars???

Yesterday as we were driving from
 Christians Football game to 
Smiths football game,
I noticed a big 
"estate sale today"
 sign on the side of the road.
I bit my tongue for about 20 seconds
then told Dre 
"we HAVE to turn around!"
Since we had 30 min.
before Smiths game started,
I felt OK about the detour.
Dre pulled me right up to the front of the house
 and I dashed in.. 

When I saw this spaghetti poodle
on a table in the driveway
and asked how much 
her response was 
"a quarter"
I got giddy...
(especially when I saw it's twin sister at an antique store for $16 a week ago)

So now
 I was really excited about
 what I'd find inside.
I walked into the house and...

 it was almost  completely empty :(

There were cardboard boxes 
scattered around the living room floor
and two of those 
jazzy wheelchair things in the corner.
this did not look promising.
I decided to do 
a little digging through those boxes
 take a gander
 at all the vintage awesomness I found...

and the piece de resistance...

this awesome vintage blow mold cookie jar!!!

After I was sure I had done a thorough digging, 
I walked outside with all this loot in my arms.
There was no real check out,
so I looked for someone 
who seemed like they knew what was going on.
Because nothing was priced,
I set everything down 
so the lady in charge could look through it all.
When I heard her say
"Umm...2 dollars?"
I was sure I had heard wrong.

Me: "for all of this, are you sure?"
Her: "yep!"


I had 4 dollar bills in my wallet
so I handed them all to her,
Me: "here, it's worth at least this."
Her: "oh no, take this back" (handing me the 2 extra dollars)  
but I insisted.
(oh how generous of me, like it was $100 or something!) 
I totally felt like I was ripping her off!

Since the house was almost empty,
I'm guessing they had probably been there awhile,
 were completely over it,
 and were ready to junk it all.
So I helped them get rid of it right?
(I'm still trying to justify said rip-off)
 I walked off
 (felt like skipping)
 with my vintage stash
for 4 DOLLARS!!!

Detours aren't always a bad thing...

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