Sunday, January 1, 2012


There are so many things in life
 that we simply can't control.
So my hope 
for this new year
is to focus on the things I can.

To be more accepting
to be less judgmental.

To take more chances
to worry less about failures.

To triumph in others' differences
instead of being afraid of them.
To focus on the ones I hold dear,
and sometimes 
even the ones I don't hold as close.

To use more of my right brain
without losing the good sense of my left.

To remember that the small things 
are often the most important things
in the grand scheme of things.

to do more
  to be more...

"Happy New Year" 
to you and yours

from me and mine...


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I am gonna borrow it and quote it on FB. Courtney, what a fine example you are! AND super darling fam!

  2. hi courtney! that is such a funny story, what are the odds, really?!
    glad you said hi, happy new year!

  3. Love this Courtie .... I decided not to blog for a little while and focus on - well, other things. :) But go see the cute picture I found and posted of us "sissies". Cute picture ... except those book end boys need ta smile awhile!!!

  4. la you da cour 10...happy new year!

  5. I know Polly, the big boys are too cool for school! And what is up with Dredies Star Trek/Mork from Ork hand sign? Teenagers...

  6. happy 2012 to smith's girls! oh ya, we like the rest of ya'lls too..;) what a darling little bunch you are!

  7. I love this post, so beautifully written. Thanks for the inspiration.