Monday, May 16, 2011

I Made it Monday....

Crocheting isn't just for your Grandma anymore...

Although I'm pretty sure a Grandma crocheted this dandy...
Too hip for a Grandma to crochet?
My 50 year old sister who IS A GRANDMA would beg to differ :)

I saw some really cute crocheted headbands at a boutique.
(and bought a few, I always support my fellow crafters!)
 My "sew sisters" and I  
decided that we would try our hand 
at crocheting.
Although it IS a handicraft...
It involves major parts of your 
left brain.
Way more thinking during a "craft" than I'm accustomed to!
After a lot of "pulling out" and starting over,
this is what I ended up with...

Not bad for a novice...

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