Monday, May 23, 2011

Run Forrest Run.....

Track season just ended. 
IT was long...IT involved a lot of traveling...
...IT was awesome...
When Dre decided to run track last year it was a completely new scene for me. 
I had never been to a track meet, ever.
Let me break it down as simple as possible...
(although my sister Spring and I were completely obsessed with the movie "Chariots of Fire"
 there's simply no denying that theme song)
For his first meet,
 I packed up a few snacks for the kids,
 thinking it was like going to a football game.
 Little did I know that
 they were all day events! 
I was so not prepared. 
But can I tell you how exciting they are!!!! 
This year at regionals Dre qualified
 in 3 events for STATE
200 meter, 
4 by 1,
 and the sprint medley


His sprint team finished 2nd by fractions of a second...
But the time was a new school record...
American Fork High Schools boys track team finished second overall in the entire state...

We are pretty proud of our oldest baby...

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