Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who me?

When my little Blythe was first learning
 how to spell her name,
 she used to "practice" writing it everywhere...
 I would find b-L-y-t-H-e or fragments of it
 on the wall,
 on the side of her dresser,
on the table,
 etc. etc....
If it was a fixed object, her name was on it.
 It was kind of cute at first.
 As soon as pencil moved to sharpie...the cuteness factor was gone.
 The funniest thing was that
every time I questioned the kids about who the graffiti culprit was,
Blythe never fessed up, ever.
 Like she expected us to think that someone else
was writing HER little name,
 in HER little kindie-garden handwriting,
 all over OUR house!
 Well.... things are much different with the new "tagger" in the family...

  Introducing... SMITH CARTER SNOWDEN...
mess maker and graffiti artist extraordinaire!
 He too enjoys writing his name around town,
but whole heartedly wants the artistic recognition.
Yesterday I found this on his shoe,
which he proudly took credit for.
 Funny how things get progressively less "cute" the more kids you have...

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