Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hitting the Mother-load...

Today was a good treasure hunting day
...very good.
I found 12
you heard me correctly...
12 boxes of Shiny Brite vintage ornaments

and they were ALL full!
Never ever have I found even ONE
completely full box of these at a thrift store.
But to find 12, wow!!!!

Then I found a whole bag chock full of these faces...
(and one very weird singing alien baby???)

 Then I found this string of plastic poinsettia lights in the original box...

and they actually work!'

AND ...

Then I found a big bag full of red thread wrapped ornaments
which I don't come by very often around here either...

when, what to my wondering eyes should appear...
But a miniature sleigh, and 3 tiny elf-deer!!!!
(I know, doesn't make tons of sense, but I was trying to make the rhyme work!)

Finding just the bag of ornaments 
would have made me happy enough,
but to find these
 three crocheted elves
the deer
the sled 
hidding inside...
made me even happier, elated actually!!!!

Talk about hitting the thrift store mother-load....
Look for all this vintage goodness
 soon to show up in a future
"call IT courtney" creation...

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