Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Film Festival at Sundance...

Last week was the annual 
Sundance Film Festival.
We eat up this time of year.
Thousands descend upon our little Utah 
to take part in all that is indie.
Filmmakers, writers, celebs, everyday Joe's 
and absolutely everything in between 
are here.
The film watching 
(and the people watching)
is superb.
We are still reaping the benefits
of Will's involvement with the festival a few years ago.

We went to the Skull Candy event...

blurry :(
and saw "Drake" 
who was far to big for his britches...

We ran into Ronnie from "The Killers,"
who we met a couple years ago at Sundance.
 Will walked right up to him and started talking to him
 like they were old chums.
I was not interested in embarrassing myself 
so I hung in the shadows.
He waved me over, and so I went.
 Ronnie totally acted like he
 remembered us.
Will has a certain je ne sais quoi with people, 
so I'm not really convinced of his recollection. 
he is one cool cat
"The Killers" are Killer. 

We had an "IN" for the Chef Dance dinner
which was unbelievable!
Famous Chef's from all over the world come and prepare 
crazy fancy 5 course meals.
I was very brave and tried everything
(as my usual palette is pretty bland)

You sit at really long communal tables
so the company and conversation was diverse to say the least.

After Dinner,
One Republic was performing upstairs
 so we walked up to 
Park City Live
and listened to them.
are they ever an awesome live band.
The cello player,
oh my word.
Boys and girls,
you may think only geeks take orchestra,
I'm here to tell ya, 
it aint so!

After the show,
in true Will fashion,
he started talking to the band 
(once again)
like they were old chums.
This boy kills me!
One Republic is from Colorado,
and the guitarist Drew Brown
(I'm enrolled at name dropper University, 
just in case you were wondering)
graduated from Boulder high.
That gave Will all the ammunition he needed! 
They immediately started giving "pounds" and talking shop 
about how all the "cool kids" are from Colorado
and the even cooler ones went to Boulder high.
Pretty funny and surreal all rolled up into one.

Then we went to the B.E.T party
and I met Affion Crockett
from Nick Cannons "Wild'n Out"
(yep, still enrolled)

We met and talked to lots of indie "film people"
and Will made lots of new contacts.
His gift of gab often proves beneficial, 
people just like him!
We've all heard, 
"It's not what you know, but who you know."
I don't really like it, but it's pretty much true.
...the art of shmoozing is a powerful thing.

Au revoir Sundance Film Festival
we love you,
until we meet again...


  1. wow, look at you courtie!! jealous jealous am i! looks like SOO much fun.

  2. wow ... it looks like you went up just about everynight! and you are looking so cute in all of your pics! go go schmoozin'!!

  3. I LOVE all of your pics girl. They all look fabulous.