Monday, February 27, 2012

I Made It Monday...

Back to back 
"I Made It Mondays?"
Uh oh...
Apparently I was on a blog-cation last week.
And again with the toy animal crafts?
Uh oh...
I am also apparently somewhat in love with toy animals.
My apologies for the broken record of it all. 

I've made lots of these little boxes along my way.

Some for Birthdays
This one was all about the little recipient Fiona

and some for new babies
This one was for my niece Paige's new bebe.
 Whose name was "Rowan" according to her Momma,
but not so much according to hers Daddy.
Perhaps the R scrabble piece was the determining factor? Hmmm...
Today I decided to make some animal topped boxes
with a more monochromatic feel.
Let me give you a brief warning.
This project has the ghastly potential of overwhelm,
 as the materials and application of those materials
are arduous.

Here goes... 

Toy.Box.Paint.Paper :)

Can ya handle it????

This really is one of the most easy peasy projects
that I've eva eva made. 
(that has actually resulted in a worthy craft...)

Choose your animal and your box

choose your paper and your paint

I painted the horse and the lid with craft paint.
Then modge podged the paper to the actual box (container).
Then set it all aside to dry. 
The horse needed a few coats to look good and covered.
When everything was dry,
 I glued the horse to the box
and just like that your craft is done!

Word to the wise.
Remove excess glue  prior to taking picture, geesh
I added a little painted trophy to this one

So off you go, shoo
Go get your craft on...


  1. Oh courtie.. Just stop it right now. Those are so cutie! I would say, I am on my way to copy right now... But why would I when I've got the BESTEST one already! And yes, I will tell Rowan that her great auntie courtie was the one who decided her name ;) it's all just too cutie. Keep em comin.

  2. It's good that some of us still enjoy crafting ... cause this ol' gal just doesn't have my "craft on" ANYMORE!!! I sure love these little boxes though, especially that first one for Fiona - so adorable! You're awesome!!! :)

  3. oooh! i love this! i thought of you yesterday when i was at Savers in orem- they have this little tower full of nick-nacky toys & little figurines on the cheap! if you haven't looked there, be sure to check it out!

  4. i wish i could get my craft kids...need i say more? so cutie courtie!

  5. AMAZING! i think the giraffe one for Rowan is precious. As a new mama to a nearly 3 month old, it would have been a delight to have received something so beautiful.

    I LOVE your vintage taste <3