Saturday, February 11, 2012

Live at Velour...

Dre has been taking guitar lessons 
for about 4 1/2 years.
I'm not sure who likes it more, him or me.
I always make Dre play and sing for us, 
I love it and I always tear up.
I am so crazy emotional when it comes to music.
It really doesn't take  much at all 
perhaps a note or two,
for me to get a quick lump in my throat. 

Dredans guitar teacher is Jeff Jensen
and we love him and he is awesome and we love him :)
Jeff has a band,
 so for the kids' recital
his band plays back up for the students.
How awesome is that?

This year Jeff exceeded all expectations 
and booked out
Velour Live Music Gallery
in Provo.
Like this place is legit!
(the Neon Trees had humble beginnings here)

I wanted Dredie to do a Justin Bieber song,
he politely refused...
He played and sang Rocketeer by The Far East Movement.
And it was awesome.
The lights wreaked havoc on my pictures

Our cousins The Jackson's live in Provo 
so they came over to rock out at the show.
We love them. 

I took the violin and piano growing up, 
and I hated both. 
I did the least amount of practice that was required of me,
and I had panic attacks come lesson time because
of that minimal practice time.
I begged and pleaded to quit, cried, made deals,
all of it.
My Mother finally let me quit.
In that way only a parent can do,
she calmly told me that I would regret it.
And I do...

The gift of music is a beautiful thing.
Music soothes me
  and nourishes my soul. 
It can take me back instantly to a time or a place.
Like how when ever I hear Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins or James Taylor,
I'm flashed back to Connecticut in the 70's 
listening to my teenage sisters belt out the lyrics to
What A Fool Believes, This Is It, or Fire and Rain.
how "It takes Two", by Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock
completely takes me back to New York.
 Like right back to the commons at my high school. 
Music is a powerful thing.

This recital was Dre's last,
and I'm severely somber about.
He's off to college in the fall
and guitar lessons will come to an end.

Uh oh, here comes that lump...

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  1. that is WAY cool that his teacher does that for the students! and we would have totes come down for the recital ... you should have told us! :(