Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Seven Year Old Smith...

I say it every year,
and I'm saying it again.
I can not believe how old this little chap is getting.
5 was the beginning of the end...

Starting Kindie (real life actual school)and loosing teeth. Although at five I still felt like he was a baby. 
A "big" baby, but a baby nonetheless. 

Then came the 6's.

Starting first grade (all day long school? Way realer than kindie)
and so grown up he could wiggle and pull out his OWN teeth

Now here we are at 7.
Still rockin' it out in first grade and 
growing in REALLY large marge big boy front teeth.

I had big intentions for his first legit friend birthday.
We always do family parties 
but Smith really really wanted a friend party this year.
(I know...his first at 7, I'm rude...)
I thought we'd have some grand shindig 
at some way overpriced event center 
with tokens and rides and prizes. 
(and when I say prizes, I mean that trash behind the counter that in real life cost 50 cents but in "token price"
ends up being around 15 dollars...yeah, pretty much a racket)
With all this circling in our minds...
we opted for an old school at home party,
complete with musical chairs and noise makers.
Lots of party games, cake and friends
(that we didn't have to sell a kidney for, for the price of admission to said events centers)

In Smiths own words,
"That was a weally coo pahty"
(still workin on them R's)

And how stinkin' cute is this little 5 dollar bill
origami shirt one of his friends gave him?
So Smith is seven, and he is officially old...

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  1. Your crowns are so stinkin' cute Court! I don't think I have ever made a crown for one of my kids! (I have had the over the top/token parties ... home parties are just as good for the littles!) And it is especially nice when the birthday kid has a grand ole time!!! Good job, mommy!