Monday, February 20, 2012

I Made it Monday...

Last year I found a big bag of 
vintage alphabet blocks
at an antique store.
I loved them.
I really wasn't sure what I would do with them,
but the idea of littles from yesteryear 
playing and building with them...
Why it was simply 
 too much for me 
to resist.
After the blocks sat in a jar for far too long,
I finally made this little concoction of 
Alphabet Blocks
Toy Animals
Bingo Markers
other small letter blocks
...with the idea that 
I would put something 
on each block 
that began with the letter 
on each block.

E is for Elephant


I is for Indian

 I made about 15 for a show I was in
and they sold.
I made about 15 more for the next show I was in
and they sold.

So I made a few more today

and again I am hooked.

But with pretty much X's and Y's left in the jar.
(any thoughts on toppin them apples?)
not much progress can occur.
 the hunt has now commenced 
for more vintage alphabet blocks.
As the new ones just won't due.
too shiny  too clean  too perfect...


  1. love love love it! if you do make another "L" some time down the it for me!

  2. Those are so cute Court! I'll put my thinking cap on for the X's and Y's ... :)

  3. I LOVE all of these, how fun and cute. You are so talented and certainly have an eye catching vintage taste. I LOVE it.