Friday, February 17, 2012

Revisiting the 80's...

So today I was at Target
(no way, you're kidding me, get out...)
 browsing around the jewelry section.
They have some neat stuff if you dig around a bit.
My eyes immediately went to these...

immediately followed by the drop of my jaw...

As a youngin' in the 80's in Upstate N.Y. 
these were all the rage.
We made and traded them constantly.
I remember making most of these "friendship bracelets" 
for myself,
which kinda takes away from the whole "friendship" thing.
Everyone wore them, boys and girls alike,
and you NEVER EVER took them off.
Which basically meant we wore them until the wet dog stank drove our parents to take scissors to our wrists.

I remember one summer 
when we were in Nantucket,
 my sister Spring and I added cool rope bracelets to the mix. 

which of course just made our wrists 
like, even more like, totally tubular...

"They" say if you wait long enough 
everything comes back into style.

Let's see.
 Well, I know that

Neon is back (who'd a thunk)
  Susan at FRESHLY PICKED does neon masterfully

Colored jeans are back (I had a purple pair of Guess ones, with a button fly, oh my)
These are far more flattering...

photo from google images
and leg warmers are back for sure...

image from

Big round glasses are back. (I rocked the Clark Kents in junior high)


And the piece de resistance...

Nope, sorry.
Flock of seagulls and claw bangs, 
 not this time.
The 80's called, and they want their hair back...

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  1. hahahahaha!!!! hilarious! i don't think those friendship bracelets ever went completely "out". my girls have all made them at one point or another. love 'em!