Monday, February 13, 2012

I made It Monday...

I have been wanting to make some sort of hot air balloon 
for eons.
I've seen them at craft shows around town, on etsy, 
and of course on pinterest. 
Paper Mache hot air balloons
Fabric hot air balloons
ornament hot air balloons,
the ideas are endless eye candy.

I have a small obsession with paper honeycomb.
(yeah yeah, add it to the list of small obsessions right?)
I am captivated by it.
I picked up lots of red and white honeycomb balls
 at Christmastime at (you guessed it)Target.
That place is getting hip to freaking everything!

Since I had a plethora of them,
 and red and white is fitting for Valentines Day, 
I decided to finally make a hot air balloon.

My sister Leslie (who is the queen bee of tag lines) gave me the idea of "love is in the air"
quite fitting...

This whole project came together really quick.

I used...

1. Paper honeycomb ball
2. bakers twine
3. little vintage bride and groom
4. some sort of "basket"
(i covered a little container with paper)
5. some tinsel garland
6. printed off the banner and circle on the computer

Hot glued it all together

A super cute and super easy Valentines Day
Hot Air Balloon.

love is totally in the air...