Friday, March 2, 2012

Tubing Is The New Sledding...

We sorta feel like we've been gipped out of winter this year.
Our snowfall has been (to put it mildly) lackluster.
With no snow to speak of in the valley,
we headed up to Soldier Hallow in Midway
to take the chillins tubing.
We called to make sure that they had enough of the white stuff 
up there to warrant sledding.
Indeed they did.
Now be it man made or from mother nature?
At this stage in the game 
we cared not.

 If you live locally and haven't been,
you must. 
It is one of the best family activities
because it really is soooo fun for everyone.
 My kids range in age from senior in high school to first grader
and everyone loved it.

Even Momma and Daddy

(although often momma felt like she was going 75 miles too fast for her liking
and was going to keel over the edge and break a hip)
It was a bit scary for me the first run.
You do go super fast 
but it is a silky smooth ride. 
The tube is like riding on a bouncy luxurious, 
(in a plasticky, rubber sort of way) 

Smith wasn't scared in the slightest.

He choose the slickest, fastest run
every time. 
He even went down a few times attached to Dre, 
who took a running diving leap to pick up speed.
The crazy little banshee has no fear!

There's even a tow to pull you up.
Which eliminates the dreaded 15 minute hike up,
15 second ride down.

And enough open space for little boys 
who have to go potty every 10 minutes...

                   (That little speck is Smith,  off to do his business. Boys...for goodness sakes)

Daddy got cropped :(
So all in all,
it was a good good day!
Most definitely passed the Snowden scrutiny.
And since Mother Nature decided to throw us a snowy bone
last night,
I bet the tubing is even mo betta...


  1. A snowy bone is RIGHT! I couldn't get my snow blower to turn on so I had to hand shovel it and it was a wet heavy duty snow ... especially with my early departure vehicles who left icy tread marks! GRRRRR!!!! But I like the snow so much that I didn't mind it too much, except that I was about 45 minutes late to work. Good thing the boss wasn't in the office! Har har har!!!! Love these pics Court ... maybe you needa call us next time you go!

  2. (you need to take off your word verification! it is even harder to do with my new lasik vision ... or lack there of! i hope my brain can figure this out sooner than later!)