Monday, March 12, 2012

The Week in Review...

If you have an iPhone
 and you don't instagram
While it is indeed yet another social media time suck,
it's a fun one.
And since it's on your phone 
it's readily accessible every second of the day.
No need to go get on your computer,
just reach in your pocket or purse 
when a notification comes through 
and it's there,
in the palm of your hand.
there is where also lies the time suck aspect.
It's on your phone, in your hand, every second of the day.
(Not EVERY second, come on, I'm not that

Just in case you haven't heard about it, 
The creative Chantelle from fatmumslim
came up with an instagrom challenge
for each month.
Each day there is a prompt.
You just use your creative genius to come up with a photo 
that takes the prompt literally or completely not literally. 
Here is the photoaday challenge for March.

I've been playing along since the middle of january.
I wasn't sure if I was going to start March's challenge
but I hate to be left out of a party
so here I am.

I wish I had started this "week in review" when I first started.
but alas...
Better late than never.

Here is my week in review (one day late, geesh...) 

Day 5...a smile

Day 6...5 pm.

Day 7...something you wore.

Day 8...window.

My eyes are the windows to my soul. A teary soul it was after a bout with
Marley and Me. 


Day 10...LOUD!

Day 11...someone you talked to.

It's quite entertaining and a fun way to get a little creative.
So if ya didn't know, now ya do.
I challenge you...


  1. COURTY!!!! I wanna Instagram!!!! (I blogged about that just now!) These pics are all so cute! (Ok, maybe not your window one ... was that mess really from Marley and Me? I cried my head off too, but prolly wiped away the mascara as it fell. You KZ.)

    1. Well, while I was ugly face crying, my eyes started stinging sooo bad! Which led me to start rubbing the bloody he** out of them. Which resulted in this glamour shot by Deb :)

  2. hahaha. you 2 are funny. thanks for posting the day subjects. i see people participate in photo a day but, didn't know where the list came from. maybe i'll start now! i have an instagram but, it's not something that's really captured me yet. maybe now??

  3. anyone who isn't IG'ing is KZ. and i noticed you haven't IG'd in a couple days...i hope you are feeling better- and the move is going smoothly!