Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm Not a Hoarder, I'm a Collector...

Do you watch the tv show
Hoarders Buried Alive?
I do...
Not in the
 counting down the days until it comes on,
decorating in a theme having girls over for a viewing party,
setting the DVR 
kind of way.
But in the
 if when flipping through the channels I happen to see it,
oh, I am soooo watching it
kind of way.
I will never forget one episode in particular.
This poor white haired Grizzly Adams type  
was asked... 
When did your hoarding get so out of control?
He thought for a minute, 
the wheels almost visually turning in his head,
and replied...
(veeeery slooowly)
"Wellllll, I am not a hoarder...I am a collector."

This profound declaration
 has been an ongoing line between my sister Spring and I.
For we are collectors and not hoarders you see...
And to emphatically prove it,
(for going on 48 hours) 
I have been engaged in 

I have literally been going through
 EACH and EVERY thing in there.
One by one, looking and deciding if it is truly 
necessary and relevant.
For instance.
These leaning towers of crepe paper...

totally necessary and relevant.

This Hello Kitty Happy meal toy from December...

not necessary or relevant.
(but wait, I could totally use it on a "Frame of Misfit Toys...")

Enough vintage baby planters to gift to
all them shiny new babies down at 
Utah Valley Regional Medical Center 
and their mommas...

totally necessary and relevant.

This slightly odd
Charlie Chaplin looking, long tongued pig, piggy bank...

not necce...
 he's a keeper.
 so maybe I kinda, sorta, in some way shape or form,
have a tendency for hoarding...
(the first step is admission)

But take a looksee at what I HAVE done...

Color coded and separated all my Shiny Brites

Finally put to use all those jam, pickle, and sauce jars
 I've been hoarding saving...

and the piece de resistance...

One WHOLE SHELVING UNIT completely organized!!!

(only 3 more to go)

So after all this I said to myself,
I am so proud of you...
(even if you are a hoarder)

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  1. WOW! I am proud of you too! That looks fantastic! I stop and watch that show too and then I feel REALLY good about the state of my house!!! :)