Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Years Resolutions...

I've been toying with the idea of starting a blog for ages.  
To blog or not to blog?
...that has been my question. 
 Today I finally answered that question and decided to blog. 
 I am entering a world of computer savviness
 that is super foreign to me. 
I literally have to wait for my teenager to get home from school
 so he can download pictures for me.
 It's pathetic... I'm fully aware.
  It actually is for him,
 and his brothers and sisters,
 that I really wanted to start a blog. 
 I'm hopeful that most entries 
will be like a letter to them
 or a memory for them.
 That in the future when they read this,
 they will get to know me better.
 Like, really get to know me. 
I think our children most often see us in a different light
than we probably think they do. 
I'm their Mom right...
not a regular person :)
 Life sometimes gets the better of me, as a mother.
  Some days I literally think I am losing my mind. 
I need to blog to chronicle time.
.I need to blog to remember things.
 I want to remember the little things that make the Snowdens the Snowdens.
 You may not be particularly interested in my trip to Target, 
or the hilarious thing I thought one of my kids said,
 or even the crafty thing I made. 
maybe when you read this blog,
 you'll get a little glimpse into our lives. 
 And maybe,
 just maybe, 
want to stick around awhile. 
 So here's to our blog...
ramblings, typo's, grammatical errors and all. 
Welcome to our world...

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