Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sundance Film Festival 2010...

Last year Will did business with 
an entertainment company
that put on several shows and events
during the film festival.
It was a 
pretty cool experience.
Lots of work
Lots of stress
Lots of shmoozing...
but nonetheless a
pretty cool experience.
He made tons of contacts... 
so this year 
we just got to shmooze
without any of the work...

Me and Nas

Chewy from Chelsea Lately...
You could not believe
how the girls were swarming him...

"Hoops" from the ever so inspirational show
"Flavor of Love"
How she dated Flava Flav is beyond words and comprehension...

Me with Louie Vito's wild hair in my face.
He is the Olympic snowboarder
 who was just on Dancing with the Stars

Little John (emphasis on little)

Will and I at "Chef Dance."
What an incredible experience.
Famous chefs from all over the world
come and prepare awesome 5 course meals.
I was quite brave...
I tasted lots of fancy shmancy things
 that are NOT
on my usual food repertoire.
Papa John (the pizza guy)
was at the next table over...
I guess even pizza guys can appreciate fine dining :)

I look like a fatcicle...
with Danny Masterson from
That 70's Show

I know this picture is sure to horrify my mother...
and nail polish
oh my...
We're not supposed to judge a book by the cover, right?
Yes indeed
 Dave Navarro is kindof a scary looking chap
He was a super nice, polite guy
and can rock the guitar like no other!

Pretty good deal...

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