Monday, January 18, 2010

I Made It Mondays...

I decided that 
I'm going to try and post an
 "I Made it"
at least a few times a month...
(hopefully more)
In turn I'm hoping that
 it will keep me creating 
at least something
a few times a month...
(hopefully more)
Whether it big or small
Detailed or super plain
Sewn or hot glued
Painted or sketched or photographed...
use that right-side of your brain
create something...
It's good for the soul

I made these skirts and tanks for the girls.
The fabric is a little on the 
"I'm a rock-n-roll pirate" side...
but it was dirt cheap 
from a little hole in the wall fabric shop. 
I had no pattern...
 just kept adding this' and thats 
after several mishaps
 they finally came together
best of all
I made it...

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