Monday, December 12, 2011

I Made it Monday...

I worked my fingers to the bone last week.
I have no idea how this happened.
I felt a little twinge in my finger 
and looked down 
to find this...

a broken blood vessel 
from gripping my creations too tight??? that even possible???
 The older I get the more bruises
seem to show up.
I swear, 
I brush by something 
and a few hours later 
it looks as if I've had a run in 
with a baseball bat.
Old age...the joys
This finger incident 
occur after a sleepless night.
So there is no real telling how it happened
 as I was quite possibly 
in a craft coma.
I dragged myself up the stairs at around 
6:30 am
(just as my high school boy was waking up)
He took one look at me and said
"Mom,'re crazy!"
I concur...
I fitfully "rested" 
for an hour or so 
before I had to get back up 
to get my little ones off to school.
Then it was back to crafting!

Finishing this
(the sign for my booth)
is what took me most of the night,
the frosting atop my crazy cake...

 Here are some of the things 
produced from that night of insanity... 

this pic turned out not so swift...

I must say...
the injuries and such
were worth it.
The Beehive Bazaar was really good to me.
In all the madness 
I forgot to take a 
picture of my booth :(
My niece texted me this shot 
near the end of the first day,
looking pretty spare...
(which is a good thing)

my son snapped this 
on his phone 
right before "tear down."
not such a great shot,
 but it's documentation of some sort...

(capturing the emptiness is the happy part)
So adieu to the shows for awhile,
it was an exhausting fabulous ride...

p.s. a few more vintage Christmas things left in my etsy shop

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  1. Your booth really was SOOOOO great! And the sign was too stinkin' adorable, my loved it!!! I wish that I had had a camera for you.

    I have been having nights like that too Courtie ... not 6:00 a.m.'s but 3 and 4 a.m.'s. It is that crazy Winebrenner in us. I get to doing a decorating project and just keep going and going .... forget about the craft items for me though, maybe forever. But you ROCK!!!