Monday, December 5, 2011

I Made it Monday...

I've been burning the candle at both ends
been burning each and every tip of my finger
right along with that candle.
I've been covered in 
glitter and webs off hot glue strings
for weeks,
and my poor children 
have been eating a lot of cereal for dinner.

But it's almost here, 

and next week our lives can get back to normal.
as normal as they can be
2 children birthday's
1 husbands birthday
all our Christmas shopping still to do.
"Normal" is relative...

Since it's Monday,
Here are a few of the vintage-ie
things I've finished this week...

hot off the press...
(the glue is literally still drying on these little planters)

Don't forget to come to
The Beehive Bazaar
and support some cool local crafters.
(me being one of those local crafters, the cool part...debatable)


  1. have i never known that you had a blog???? it's so cutie!although,everything you do is so cutie. all your stuff at beehive was TA-DA! i hope it was worth all the crazy!loves.

  2. Seriously girl, you are TALENTED! I love your stuff! I thought you'd like this link for a li'l inspiration!