Monday, December 20, 2010

Me and My Big Ideas...

To make a long story longer...

This is Smith. 
He is the last of five, our little caboose. 
Although Smith is 5, has started Kindie, and is a self-proclaimed big boy, 
he will irrevocably be our baby.
 Now with that title comes some pretty awesome perks! 
The biggest one being getting major aid in the “clean up your toys” effort.
(He is well aware of this perk)
As every mother of littles knows, the amount of accumulated toys verges on the side of ridiculous! 
Lego’s and trucks and blocks...oh my! 
About a week ago I was sitting in the epicenter of one of Smith’s tsunami’s
frantically making,  
 “to chuck” piles. 
Smith asked me WHY everything was in piles and instantaneously burst into tears as I explained their destinations. 
Unbeknownst to me...
those piles were apparently full of precious sentimental heirlooms
 that Smith was simply not willing to part with. 
Separation anxiety was in full effect! 
I’m pretty sure more than half of those toys
 had sadly taken residency under his bed
 or wedged behind his dresser
 for who even knows how long.
 Unfortunately for Smith,
 I’d been having one of those
 “I’m just an unpaid servant in this house” days. 
Out of no where that mean mom alien voice spewed from my mouth.
 I screeched about him having way too many toys, 
we WERE giving some of them away, 
and half of them were crapolla happy meal toys anyway
 (think I just admitted, out loud, to the obscene habit of feeding my children Mc’ D’s).
 That sordid threat clearly amplified the tears
 into full blown meltdown mode. 
While thinking of what my next move to console 
“the baby who barely has to do any jobs” 
would be,
 a crafty idea popped into my head. 
I could hot glue all that plastic garb onto a frame 
that we could hang on Smiths wall. 
He gets to kinda keep his toys,
 and momma gets to kinda consolidate the crap.
 Artsy, Homemade, and Green all rolled into one.
Martha would say it was a good thing!
 After a bit of coaxing and an even bigger bit of bribery,
 he tearfully agreed. 
Needless to say, the frame quickly became a really cool idea.

To make the frame all about Smith, 
I'm adding a few of his favorites to the mix...
a couple “playmo guys,” 
a ton of lego’s, 
and a dash of vintage, retro finds 
that I’ve been collecting for that special
 “someday I could do something with this” 

It's taking forever 
to puzzle piece everything just so
but turning out pretty stinkin' awesome...

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