Saturday, November 6, 2010

Start spreadin the news...

I just got home from a fabulous trip to
The Big Apple
 with some fabulous girls.
Autumn in the city...
We laughed
We ate
We saw shows
We shopped
We got our caricatures done
We laughed harder than before
We skated
We got followed by a scary dude while we were getting off the subway at midnight
after Emily so generously offered up the location of where we were staying...
(or were we just thinking he was following us???)
Whichever the case may be...
4 girls
with no less than 6 huge shopping bags in hand
sprinting full speed 
down the dim streets of Washington Heights
at midnight...
A sight for sore eyes!!!!

The first of 3 different Daffy's locations...
Uh...excuse me ma'am... Do we LOOK like tourists????

@ Dylans Candy Bar

This was one of the funniest experiences ever. The guy probably hated us... we were laughing until we were crying!

Walking over to Brooklyn to eat pizza at Grimaldi's

Right after I bit it sooo hard on the ice...
The smile is forced...
I'm thinking
"my elbow is broken."
A 7 year old hockey player snow plow stopped right in front of me...
stared down at the OLD woman lying on the ice
shrugged and then abruptly took off skating backwards...
all the while keeping hie eyes intently focused on me
I'm thinking he was taunting me

FAO Swartz

Emily being our brave tour guide
 sitting in the front (alone) with the freaky cab driver...

...Us other babies just along for the ride

Late night bakery stop...

Making new and lifelong friends on the subway

Being Broadway groupies with
from West Side Story
(I swear I wasn't trying to chest bump him!)

One must always go to Central park
 when one visits the city
regardless of the rain...

Such a fun trip
Soooo sad to leave
4 girls + NYC = good times

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