Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The joy of running....

Christian, Sibley and Blythe
 ran track this year with the city rec.
They LOVED it...
and there was never a dull moment!
At one meet..
Christian literally ran out of his shoes.
One fell off...
so he kicked the other one off...
put it into first gear...
and won the race!
It was one of those America's funniest home video type of things!
After the season ended
we heard about a Hershey track meet
up in Salt Lake.
Smith had been extra twitchy 
to get on the track like his big brother and sistas...
so we headed up.

It was pretty awesome.
Little Miss Blythe's time, 
qualified her as
 the fastest in her age division in the entire state!
(brag brag brag brag)
Who knew we had such speedy kids...

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